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I have been working with clients and customers on a daily basis looking at markets all across the New Orleans area and the overall sentiment is that homes are overpriced. The problem with that sentiment, although there may be underlying truth to it, is that the market ultimately determines the price. You can ask whatever you want for something but the buyers will dictate what it is actually worth. There are many underlying factors to this and the figures are skewed to keep this sentiment down but the only way around it is to adapt and adjust to the changing landscape. Inflation is prevalent and once you understand the true definition of inflation then the overall economic situation will begin to make sense. Although the markets are cyclical, the overall trend is that prices are always rising. This is not reflected in just the housing market but across all economic sectors and is a direct consequence of our countries monetary policy. The best advice I can give to my clients is not to complain about factors that are out of our control but to control the factors that directly influence us. Watch your spending and savings. Look for ways to become more savvy and stay busy. Keeping your mind occupied on ways to improve your financial situation will keep you sharp and help you adapt to this ever changing landscape. Do not harp over things that are out of our realm of control as this gives you excuses to blame others for the things that you can control. .  

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