Why You Need A REALTOR When Buying New Construction

Dated: 07/22/2017

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Buying a new construction home differs from buying a pre-owned home. The contracts are different and the closing process has several other steps, not to mention the selection of materials and fixtures and building of the home. 

 We often are asked whether it would benefit the buyer to use a REALTOR to negotiate and purchase a new construction house from a builder, and the answer is ‘YES’! 


1. Someone on Your Side 

Sales representatives at the model homes you visit work exclusively for the builder. Their interests rely solely on what the best scenario and outcome would be for the builder and the company, not for the homebuyer. 

 I repeat, they are not there to represent the home buyer! Although they may be helpful, at the end of the day, they are there to sell their company’s product. It benifits buyers to have a real estate agent on his/her side who represents them and looks after their best interests. 

 Having a real estate professional on your side also provides you with “inside industry” advice. Professionals who know the area also know the builders, the builders’ reputations, and the quality of the product. Your agent will then be able to steer you in the direction of the type of product you are looking for and what will best suit your needs and budget. 

 2. Contracts 

 Contracts are another overwhelming process of home buying. With new construction home contracts are different from residential resale contracts. It’s important to read everything and be aware of what you are signing. Most importantly, get everything you agreed upon (i.e. upgrades, design allowances, closing costs, etc.) in writing. 

 3. It’s FREE! 

 Many home buyers forget that buyer representation from a REALTOR® is FREE! The seller (whether a person or a building company) pays the commission of the buyers’ agent, so there really is no excuse not to have a professional working with you. 

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