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How To Buy A Home In 7 Steps

Understanding all of the steps is a great way to beginFrom finding the right agent to getting your keys, learn the basics of how to buy a home.Step 1: Determine your budgetEven before you start

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Understanding Homeowners Insurance

A Consumer's Guide to Home InsuranceHomeowners insurance is an important purchase for many people. There are two major reasons to buy homeowners insurance:To protect your assetsHomeowners insurance

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Rental Trends

Article released today mapped average rents across the US and showed where rents increased most. Interesting tidbit in "2017 monthly average rents increased the most in New Orleans, LA, 

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Southern Rustic Furnishing

So really, we never expected this thing to take off so quickly! We were adjusting to being newlyweds, new homeowners (thanks to your help of course!), and most recently, new parents. We both have

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